"I couldn't put it down once I'd started reading it... I don't think I've enjoyed a book more than 'Them and Us' in my life."

Don Burke. Radio 2UE. 24th September. 2009

May 12th 2011



"Who killed the Neanderthals?

You might say it’s the coldest cold case in the history of cold cases. And now, scientists have another lead in this prehistoric who-done-it.

It appears Neanderthals died out earlier than thought – roughly around the same time they came into contact with modern humans.

That means a big, hairy, prehistoric finger could be pointing squarely at our ancestors..."

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Kardoorair Press is proud to present Them and Us by Danny Vendramini, the most important theory of human origins since The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin.

Put aside everything you thought you knew about being human - about how we got here and what it all means. After five years of rigorous scientific research, Danny Vendramini has developed a theory of human origins that is stunning in its simplicity, yet breathtaking in its scope and importance.

Them and Us: how Neanderthal predation created modern humans begins with a radical reassessment of Neanderthal behavioural ecology. He cites new archaeological and genetic evidence to show they weren't docile omnivores, but savage, cannibalistic carnivores - top flight predators of the stone age.

Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory reveals that Neanderthals were 'apex' predators - who resided at the top of the food chain, and everything else - including humans - was their prey.

NP theory is one of those groundbreaking ideas that revolutionizes scientific thinking. It represents a quantum leap in our understanding of human origins.

"Danny Vendramini presents a truly unique and innovative picture
of the role of Neandertal predation in human evolution… Vendramini pulls together countless different threads of scientific evidence to re-cast Neanderthals as "apex predators", proverbial "wolves with knives" who were effective rivals with our ancestors….  It has been a long time since I read a book about human evolution that I enjoyed so much."

Associate Professor John J. Shea. Anthropology Department & Turkana Basin Institute,
Stony Brook University, New York

neanderthal predation theory

NP theory reveals that Eurasian Neanderthals hunted, killed and cannibalised early humans for 50,000 years in an area of the Middle East known as the Mediterranean Levant (see map, below).

Because the two species were sexually compatible, Eurasian Neanderthals also abducted and raped human females.

Them and Us cites new evidence from archaeology and genetics to demonstrate that this prolonged period of cannibalistic and sexual predation began about 100,000 years ago and that by 50,000 years ago, the human population in the Levant was reduced to as few as 50 individuals.

The death toll from Neanderthal predation generated the selection pressure that transformed the tiny survivor population of early humans into modern humans.

This Levantine group became the founding population of all humans living today.
NP theory argues that modern human physiology, sexuality, aggression, propensity for inter-group violence and human nature all emerged as a direct consequence of systematic long-term dietary and sexual predation by Eurasian Neanderthals.

Vendramini's discovery of the traumatic secret history of our ancestors resolves the last great mysteries of our species - how, why, when and where we became human beings.

It is unquestionable the biggest shake-up in evolutionary theory since Darwin.

Check out Danny Vendramini's
video on YouTube:

Profile of a super-predator

It's his take on what Neanderthals
really looked like

"Sometimes it takes an outsider to cut through the most intractable problems of science. That is what Vendramini's approach offers the reader in his daring claims about the interactions between humans and their most famous evolutionary relatives, the Neanderthals."

Archaeologist, Iain Davidson, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of New England, Australia. Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, Harvard University


the perfect predator

Evolutionary detective Danny Vendramini has conducted an exhaustive re-examination of Neanderthal behavioural ecology and physiology. He shows that Neanderthals evolved in ice-age Europe and were a cold-adapted species, very different from the humans who migrated out of Africa. They had thick body fur and flat primate faces to protect them against the lethal cold.

Neanderthals also abandoned their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and diet and became exclusive carnivore predators.

This new portrait of our closest hominid relatives is the key to understanding human evolution.


"We've been called the 'third chimpanzee'. Instead, Vendramini asks: Why are we such a distinctively odd primate species -- anatomically, behaviourally, and beset by dark atavistic fears?  His thesis that intensive predation by Neanderthals enforced rapid, protective, evolutionary changes offers innovative insight into the many things about 'us' that we might otherwise take for granted. A well-argued case to be answered."

Tony  McMichael
Professor of Population Health, NHMRC Australia Fellow National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health. The Australian National University. Canberra

what neanderthals really looked like

This is how scientists and the media portray Neanderthals, so human-like they wouldn't look out of place sipping a cappuccino in a Fifth Avenue bistro.

But according to Vendramini's research, they looked nothing like this. He believes they are anthropomorphic fantasies conceived by artists and unsupported by the scientific evidence

Danny Vendramini and Spanish digital sculptor Arturo Balseiro scanned a Neanderthal skull then used NP theory and the latest computer technology to generate the most accurate forensic reconstruction of a Neanderthal ever produced.

See what they really looked like

For the first time, our startling new forensic reconstruction reveals the creatures that hunted, raped and killed your ancestors for 50,000 years.

This is the stuff of nightmares. Every monster from every myth, every horror novel and every scary movie is derived from this quintessential beast.

"Vendramini gives a significant hypothesis that is well  buttressed with evidence, much of it drawn from the existing  literature. It is a sound argument, well argued, and it should be more  widely known and considered.

Phillip Ellis,
23 November 2010


human evolution, physiology and behaviour

NP theory is a 'unified field theory' which provides a simple explanation for a wide range of biological phenomena related to human evolution, physiology, psychology, behaviour and history. It explains in simple terms why we're such a unique species.

NP theory allows us to comprehend the complexity and uniqueness of homo sapiens as a species for the first time.



"In reading this book, I could not help but think of Alfred Wegener's hypothesis of Continental Drift, put forward in 1915. Wegener's hypothesis was scorned by many  at the time and it was not until the 1960s, with the understanding of plate tectonics, that an underlying mechanism to support his hypothesis was provided. Vendramini' provides a similarly bold hypothesis about human origins."

Ian Keese, ISAA REview, Vol 10, 1. 2011

free downloads

On our Extracts Page, you can download five sample chapters of them+us free.

For Kindle and Smashword ebook readers, you can download the complete references here.

Vendramini writes in a clear lively style for a general readership, you don't need to be a scientist to understand it. It reads like a detective story.

He also uses 280 photos, drawings, maps and graphics to tell the exciting story of human evolution. 

vendramini's paper on np theory

Academically minded? Download Danny Vendramini's paper on Neanderthal Predation theory - also free.

Despite its 51 pages, 12 charts and 820 references, this paper is an overview of NP theory only, and should be read in conjunction with the book.

NP theory predicts findings of the Draft Neanderthal Genome Sequence

On May 7, 2010, the long awaited Draft Sequence of the Neanderthal Genome was published in Science. Amazingly, all the major findings of the 3 year, US$6.4 million study by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig were anticipated in Danny Vendramini's 2009 book, Them and Us.

The principal findings that Vendramini predicted using Neanderthal Predation theory include:
  • Neanderthal males interbred with human females.
  • The  gene flow did not occur in reverse- ie. human males didn't mate with Neanderthal females.
  • The interbreeding occurred only in the Middle East.
  • Interbreeding occurred between 100,000 - 50,000 years ago.
  • The interbreeding took place before humans spread out across the world.
  • The Neanderthal genes in the human genome do not code for overt physical or behavioural traits.
It has been a long time since a scientific theory has predicted observational data with such accuracy. It's undoubtedly the strongest  proof yet for Vendramini's extraordinary theory of human origins.

"A daring, possibly revolutionizing theory, well-reasoned and well researched."

Professor Johan van der Dennen, author of 'The Origins of War'

them+us - the book

Title: Them and Us: How Neanderthal predation created modern humans
Author: Danny Vendramini
Edition: First Edition
Format: 234 x 153mm - C format
Pages: 384pp, soft cover. Illustrated throughout with 280 B/W photos, maps and diagrams.
Includes index, 800 scientific references and glossary
ISBN: 9780908244775 (pbk.)
Subjects: Anthropology, Predation (Biology), Human evolution, Neanderthals, Human beings
Dewey #: 304



"A thought provoking outside-the-square theory which may or may not ruffle the feathers of the
scientific establishment".

Palaeontologist, Dr Ben McHenry, South Australian Museum

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"His ideas and theories are a veritable scientific tour de force, reminiscent of Darwin, Mendel, Galileo and other radical scientific adventurers. He has applied his artistic imagination to speculate on an evolutionary scenario and then supported it with a great deal of archaeological and genetic evidence.  Reading Them and Us reminded me of the first time I read The Origin of Species at university nearly twenty years ago, it has the same sense of inspired intellect, audacity and sheer brilliance."

Graig Peters

author page

"In my life I have not read a more stimulating theory of science. Mr Vendramini is as important a theorist as T.G Dobzhansky. Very recommended. Five stars."

G. Sokolov


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"Them + Us is stunning intellectual step towards understanding the behaviour and disposition of "modern man", especially homo sapiens' inability as a species to yet surmount the deep habits of fearful, aggressive and xenophobic behaviour.

The huge span of subject matter integrated into the central thesis of Neandertal predation of Cro Magnon man provides an architecture of human development as fundamental as The Origin of the Species. Congratulations and thank you."
Jock Lee
MA Hons. Rhodes Scholar

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"A fascinating and thought- provoking idea; the perfect basis for an epic Hollywood blockbuster."

Dr Gavin Prideaux, School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University.

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I've just finished reading your book and was very impressed. I would like to see a TV documentary based on your book... Well done for publishing such a highly provocative and controversial book."

Dr. Lance Storm
School of Psychology
University of Adelaide

Painting a grim picture of the Neanderthal

24 November 2009

Kirsten Garratt interviews Danny Vendrmaini on the ABC Radio National Book Show

The author talks about NP theory on Radio National

"Now it all makes sense…so simple, so neat, so obvious – one of those things that I wish I’d thought of!
Now, you religious nutters, what was that you were saying about satan and his demons…?"

nopoetlaureate, reader review

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www.themandus.org is an initiative of Kardoorair Press. Our intention is to provide an educational resource and a forum for debate for Neanderthal Predation theory.

"Danny Vendramini offers us very feasible and thoroughly researched explanations for many aspects of the homo sapiens character, particularly our intelligence, our ferocity and our xenophobia, that have previously been inexplicable. He provides us with a new perspective on the murderous and paranoid aspects of human nature that can help to guide us in our efforts to live peacefully and happily on our lovely planet. "

Deborah Yates, New Zealand

teem theory

Neanderthal predation theory was developed by Danny Vednramini using his 'teem theory' of behavioural evolution.  This theory is described on his website: The Second Evolution

"This book could, hopefully will, bring about revolutionary and productive changes in our understanding of human nature."

Dr. Andrew Bell, author of Creative Health

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